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Welcome to the next generation of CS Portal site!
Welcome to the next generation of CS Portal site!.
9 August, 2013

This is an announcement from developer team. We are excited to announce the new version of CS Community or CS Portal site which allows CS students, alumni, and Ajarn(s) to connect with friend, sisters, brother, and also give an important information about you to SIT. 

If you are CS student, we recommend you to sign-up (HERE) and share some of your current information such your GENERATION, education and work info, etc. It will helps everyone from CS @ SIT to see you and gain more details when compare with the social media site like Facebook.

Any feedback, bug report, requirement, and any kind of ticket you want us to improve this site, please send an e-mail to our team : dev@do.in.th

-- best regards
/ Dev Team

Thank you so much.